Captain Pandora (Athena)
Athena AM
Vital statistics
Position Vault Hunter
Age ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Status Beaten up
Physical attributes
Height Dunno
Weight No idea

"We don't all get to choose our talents, Fiona. Look at me. Do you think I would have chosen a shield to protect myself out here? I learned to make do."

Athena is a Vault Hunter who just can't quit. Just like meth addicts. She first appears in Borderlands 1 DLC. Then, in Borderlands - The Pre-sequel as one of the main characters and the narrator. She (obviously) tells her story while in service of Handsome Jack, while she's tied up in present time. Tales from the Borderlands is where she makes her appearance again, as a hired mentor of Fiona and Sasha. Of course not before she tries to kill/injure/incapacitate you. How sweet of her.

Athena's story in Tales ends when she's captured by Brick and Mordecai, which explain why is she in Sanctuary in Pre-sequel. Damn timelines, explaining each other and stuff.

She also has a girlfriend, Janey Springs, which she may not be completely honest to. Just get a stable job until 5 p.m. and live a happy life with her, Athena!

She is also a very big Rhysha fan!


Ohhhh, now it's this bit... Oh, I can't swear like that? Don't you think I had a reason? When this particularly selfish and dumb individual left me burning in the Vault, that's normal for you? But cursing is bad? I swear, once I get back into my body who can TOUCH things, first thing I do is find this sweetie. And then things will not be so sweet anymore.

0/10. Screw you Athena. ~HJack69~