"SOLDIER IS... IS... SOLDIER!" ~Intellectual Poultry
"Dank memes will rule all" ~DictatorAsylum

Vital statistics
Position Evil villain
Age Why would you want to know? :^)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Dank
Weight Memes

It is unknown what caused Asylum to become evil. Maybe out of hate, lost of a love one, or maybe he enjoys it. Whatever the reason is, he finds new ways to commit evil deeds. He has done good deeds, but no one knows why he does them and acts evil. One things for sure, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Even if it means to kill a fellow Rhysha member.

How Yojimbo became my rival Edit

Pipas wanted a peace of bread cut. So, he called a bread cutter name "Yojimbo". Yojimbo said he needed money after cutting the bread, but before he could do it, Asylum bust though the doors, stopping the agreement. "He is not a real bread cutter" he said. Pipas had no idea what was going on, so he ran away. After hours of fighting, Yojimbo ran away, pipas return and Asylum cut his bread for him.

How Asylum ended up in the ship Edit

Asylum played Episodes 1, 2, and 3 when they came out. He thought Rhys and sasha go good together but never knew there was a Rhysha group or thread. One day, he was looking up a question which led him to the telltales forum. "Maybe ill look in the general discussion" He said. When he clicked on it, he notice two threads, Rhysha and Rhyiona. He clicked Rhyiona first but after one second he exit the thread in fear. He saw the Rhysha thread and clicked on it. He then saw that it ships Rhys and Sasha together. "Maybe i will join" he said typing in "New here. I'm ready to join the all mighty Rhysha group :^)" Then his journey began. He didn't really start making friends until he got into the chat.

Dank meme's Edit

Asylum has the power of dank meme's. Most people in rhysha think that dank memes are boring and not funny. But, asylum will stay true to the dank. Craazycakes tried to convert him to Pricefield, but failed in the process. Asylum will stop at nothing to stop the spread of Pricefield

Other stuff Edit

  • After killing Craazycakes, Asylum found a USB drive and plugged it into his head. Now cakes can appear to him and speak to him in his mind.
  • Loves pringles

He looks familiar....Asylum is that you? I remember when you got stuck in the airlock and almost died. Good time's. ~HJack69~