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Vital statistics
Position Evil
Age No one really knows
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height  :I
Weight  :I

Involvement in Rhysha Chatz ball Z Edit

Asylum is the Antagonist of the Rhysha Chatz ball Z series. He is known to be very evil and cannot be trusted. Irunts is his apprentice, and trains him to become a fully evil villain. Asylums rival is Yojimbo, who is a "Blade for hire" Type of guy. He became his rival when he prevented Yojimbo from getting money. Yojimbo's father made him into a good guy, but later it wore off

Appearance Edit

Asylum wears a black trench coat with pockets. On the collar, There is a chain attached to it. He also wears a Hat. He has blue eyes and black hair.

Personality Edit

Asylum really does not give any cares in the world about politics or what the "good guys" are doing. He is only set on killing one person, which is Yojimbo. But if anyone gets in his way of doing that, he will kill them. Asylum, except for his hate for Yojimbo, is rather a caring person, to his evil friends at least.

Not giving any cares in the world

Bio Edit

Asylums grew up in the city's of Florida. In 1st grade he met a boy named Yojimbo, they became quick friends but became rivals in middle school, he still had a mask back then too. When middle school came, asylum became evil and got kicked out. He then went to a soul academy where he met his love interest, Rukia Kuchiki. Being too evil, he got kicked out for being too evil. Then he went to Korriban and trained as a sith. Later, he came back to earth. 10 years later, he has committed countless evil crimes around the world. Sometime down the road, asylum got possess by a phantom. He can use that phantom to fight. To this day, he is still committing crimes. Such as THIS

Love interest Edit

Asylum is always trying to impress his love interest Rukia. He met her in high school before he went to korriban. She may not even know he likes her


Rukia, who asylum has strong feelings for in the story

Powers Edit

  • Able to summon [Zodiark[1]] , [Zalera[2]] and [Ultima]. He can also combine them to create [The Ark.]
  • Uses a Mp40 or whatever gun he has on him
  • Uses a spear called "old dragonslayers spear"
  • Has a droid army
  • Able to teleport at will
  • Possessed by a phantom in which he can summon to fight (Not summons said above)
  • Plot armor

Triva Edit

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    Asylums possession

    Asylum's THEME
  • He is ranked first with Yojimbo in the power ranking.
  • Is a sith, but hardly ever uses any sith powers.
  • Turned good but it later wore off