Good 'ol gmod
Vital statistics
Position Newbie Rhysha Shipper
Age Old enough
Status Arbys tastes really good. Eating it right now.
Physical attributes
Height Smol
Weight 110 lbs
Duck_Hunt is fairly new to the fourms and to Rhysha in general. He enjoys to make gmod pictures for the Rhysha community. He is considered an optimist by his piers. He tries to find the bright side in every situation he is in. He loves making new friends.

Favorites Edit

Favorite Video Game= Team Fortress 2 (He has 1400+ hours on it!)

Favorite Telltale Game= The Wolf Among Us

Favorite Telltale Character= Bigby Wolf

Favorite Borderlands Character= Handsome Jack

Favorite Vault Hunter= Maya

Favorite Food= Lasagna

Favorite song= Bigby's Apartment (TWAU Ost)

Favorite Band= Ween

Favorite TV Show= Beavis and Butthead/Daria

Personal Life Edit


Duck and MattyB fighting to the death

Duck's real name is Dylan Bowman. His birthday is February 18th. He goes to the Cloquet Middle School in Cloquet Minnesota. He likes to walk to Walmart and play video games in his free time. He loves Telltale and has played all of their games except Game Of Thrones. He loves arcades and claw machines. Duck_Hunt absolutely hates MattyBRaps and hates his music.

Does Duck get the puss? Edit

Of course he does, silly! OfficalSheriffMaybe said it himself and he is pusi king!

Duck_Hunt and Dank Memes Edit

Duck is meme lord and memes pump into his blood streams daily.


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