Hat Lady (Fiona)
Vital statistics
Position Con-artist, aspiring Vault Hunter
Age Isn't it rude to ask woman such questions?
Status Alive and kickin'
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Fiona is one of the protagonists of Tales from the Borderlands. She is Sasha's sister, also a con-artist.

Fiona is one of the 2 characters you can control throughout the game. Despite being a con-artist since childhood, she hasn't been broken by the brutal reality of Pandora. In fact, she still remains pretty goofy and fun. Her life turned upside down when her biggest con with the fake Vault Key went south and, like, totally ruined her schedule. She's on the run now with the quad and at the same time, on a quest (also with a quad) to find the Vault. She also has a cool hat.


9/10, I like this girl. And I like her hat. I can't decide which one I like more, her or her hat. Hmm... Don't try to sleep with her though, weirdos. It would be something like pleasuring yourself while talking with yourself, and I'm not into it.

Also, I decided I like the hat more. ~HJack69~