Vital statistics
Position King
Age He's eternal
Status Very much alive
Physical attributes
Height Always looking down on you
Weight Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown

"Kneel before me and obey, or stand against me and die. Such is the fate of everyone who dares opposing me."

The all powerful king that wears the guilty crown has decided to join and support the movement that is Rhysha! He supported the ship ever since day one, however, it was only until episode 2 that the ship got located by his scouts. Upon making contact with the crew, he immediately swore allegiance to them and began producing his own fleet to aid them in naval combat. His tactical superiority and fierce fighting made him a fearsome adversary for Rhiona. His name became widely known around the battlefield.

Together with the other members of Rhysha, he succeeded to attain a decisive victory at the battle of "Episode 3", sinking many enemy ships to the bottom of the bay that would later be known as "Rhysha Bay". Witnesses say he was seen laughing diabolically as he watched the Rhiona ships burn and sink, the blood of their crew members painting the sea red and their tears turning it salty.

He was last seen hoisting the flag of Rhysha and sailing his flagship into dusk, a mischievous smirk present on his face and an ominous gleam shining in his eyes. No one knew where he was going, but one thing was clear:

Every hostile shipper out there unfortunate enough to cross his path would undoubtedly meet their demise.


Hahahaha, very funny kiddo, very funny. What a joker. No, seriously, WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THESE GUYS? This is ridiculous, ok, you know what? I'll say it one and last time - I am the ONLY KING Pandora has! And hail me, baby!

0/10, go make jokes in space without oxygen. ~HJack69~


Shortly after that remark, "Wanted!"-posters happened to fly all around Pandora, claiming GuiltyKingOumaShu would look for ~HJack69~ DEAD or ALIVE, offering riches or titles to anyone who would manage to hand him over. The mysterious individual whose pseudo appeared to be inspired by the deceased tyrant "Handsome Jack" was being charged for high treason and blasphemy, as well as identity theft to assume the role of a dead man. He has yet to be caught, but GKOS is convinced that it would only be a matter of time until he would get his hands on that fraud and let justice be served.

There was a new king in town. Better start believe it.