Handsome Jack
Vital statistics
Position Ex-Hyperion leader, now wingman
Age Younger than your mom, cupcake
Status Alive (kind of)
Physical attributes
Height Perfect
Weight More perfect

"Hail to the king, baby!"

Handsome Jack is one of the playable character's, Rhys', best friend/worst wingman. He, after his death in Borderlands 2, is kind of revived in Rhys' brain when he jams a bunch of data into his head in the first episode of the series. Handsome Jack is a hologram, unable to touch anyone and he can be seen only by Rhys himself.

Jack sometimes (when he feels like it) helps Rhys in sticky situations, for example, in Episode 2 he upgrades Rhys's Echo-eye to be able to hack various devices. Also, Jack can show you Jackapedia (not an innuendo) if you choose to trust him at the end of Episode 2.

However, gotta be careful with this charming, handsome and funny jerk. He's kind of a psychopath, but the friendly kind, you know? If you trust him too often, he'll be able to control your body more than you'd like.

Also, he's like the worst wingman ever. He likes Sasha (who doesn't, really) and he knows Rhys likes her too. Obviously, sometimes feels like he has to help his fellow Rhys, and his help ends up being... well, you can see in this scene, called 'The Slap'.

Not my fault she didn't like it. And what's up with this page? Where's the picture, background, motivation? Get to work, kiddos! ~HJack69~

Trivia Edit

  • Handsome Jack has an echo-eye account called 'HJack69' with which he writes Jackapedia and rates other people's hotness.