Ingen Rhysha
Vital statistics
Position Governor
Age Mediocre at best
Status Kicking ass and chewing bubblegum
Physical attributes
Height 5'6
Weight None of your damn business

InGen_Nate_Kenny, also known as InGen, is a forum user of the TellTale Games Community Forum and a shipper of Rhysha. He is one of the main goddamn heroes of Rhysha, having been a prominent member of the ship since its incarnation in Zer0 Sum, and helped persuade Pipas into founding the Official Rhysha thread, holding the honor of having the first post on the official thread. He often takes on the persona of the Governor from the well-known television and comic book series The Walking Dead.

InGen_Nate_Kenny: A Rather Dashing Fellow Edit

One of the most interesting things about InGen is his dashing good looks. He shares this with several characters, most notably Gryff Whitehill. Asher too, is quite handsome.

Raptor JPTG

Screenshot of a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park: The Game

InGen's TellTale Profile Edit

  • Jurassic Park: The Game
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Wolf Among Us
  • Game of Thrones
  • Tales From the Borderlands
  • Minecraft: Story Mode

Trivia Edit

  • InGen writes his own fan fiction that isn't related to Rhysha: A Game of Domain. Don't give in to the temptation to click the link:
  • He wrote the character Leonard Constantine on Liquid's Forum of Thrones story. Leonard is beloved and arguably the best character, if not just for the sake that he was submitted by InGen.
  • He likes his women, how he likes himself: intelligent, brown haired (black will suffice) and full of themselves.
Jon and Gared on top of the Wall

Screenshot of Gared and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

  • Stannis Baratheon is the One True King. But you already know this, don't you?
  • Uses three of the best products known to man: Internet Explorer, the Xbox One, and Bing.
  • He is a Life Scout almost an Eagle.
  • He despises when information is not made clear, and he is always on the guest of knowledge for the enlightenment of the mind.

Hey, where has this guy dropped his eye? Did I stab it earlier? If yes, I'm not sorry. You look like a clown with that eye-patch. Go join Scarlett, kiddo, I'm sure she still accepts them.

4/10, the hair looks somewhat like mine. ~HJack69~