"Yes... I like this ship..." -Heavy Weapons Guy


Intellectual Poultry
It costs $400,000 to ship anything other than Rhysha... for 12 seconds.
Vital statistics
Position Credit to team
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Heavy is tall
Weight Heavy is fat

Intellectual_Poultry is a diligent shipper of Rhysha. He typically takes on the alias of the Heavy Weapons Guy from the popular video game Team Fortress 2.[1]

Shipping Stance Edit

Intellectual_Poultry is one of the many few who shipped Rhysha since Zer0 Sum, particularly over the "Pinkie Promise" scene. Poultry always has words of encouragement for new members, and always loves seeing new Rhysha art posted on the official thread.

Personality Edit

He has a weakness for spoilers, caving in and watching streams of any new episodes he can't wait to play for himself. As of now, he is trying to fix this habit.

Intellectual_Poultry will always use his intellect to suggest creative new ideas to further expand Rhysha, such as suggesting how each shipper deserves their own pages on the wiki.

Achievements Edit

  • Very, very intellectual
  • Invented the "Rakk Hive ships Rhysha" idea
  • Great sandvich maker
  • He ate a fake Dot with Pipas
  • Invented the super-villian Poop Ass, the unholy satan-sucking orphan punching ugly smelly egotistical shitlord.

TF2niverse Edit

Being a fan of Team Fortress 2, Intellectual_Poultry has repeatedly proven to have an above-average fashion sense and murdering. He knows his way through a hat store, and through a leetle baby Spy's ribcage.

It should also be noted that he's an expert trader with connections. He knows who to contact and what needs to be done to achieve his cosmetic goals.

What is this, now we're inviting bandits from other universes? And they're fat too? I couldn't even wrap my arms around this one's neck. Not even for a hug. If we somehow killed him, I could feed all the orphanages on Pandora!

2/10, call me when we get hot chicks. ~HJack69~