I find your lack of Rhysha....disturbing. Edit

Vital statistics
Position Scavanger,One of Original Members (First 5)
Age 23
Status Unbanned
Physical attributes
Height Good enough
Weight I blame gravitation

-Leluch123's favorite quote

Arrival. Edit

Leluch123 joined the TellTale community in the final days of first Rhysha thread. Witnessing the fall of first generation of Rhysha, he and other surviors, went into hidding. Swearing that Rhysha won't die on his watch he lead several hit and run attacks on Rhyiona cult.

Role in Rhysha thread. Edit

Leluch123 main role in Rhysha Community is to Scavenge in the dark corners of the internet in search of any Rhysha related stuff. Till now he visited hunderts of pages, often seeing things that scar him for life but his devotion keeps him moving forwards.

Also Leluch123 is responsible for movie making for Rhysha thread and have produced few clips