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Age 21
Status Determinate
Physical attributes
Height 10
Weight -2
"Handsome Jack talks a lot of shit for a guy that has to wear a mask over his hideous face." -LoseMyHome
LoseMyHome... wait, that's your real name? Okay, weirdo. I'll just call you LMH, okay? Makes it less creepy. LMH talks a lot of shit for a person who doesn't even show their DIRECTLY to me. Or are you implying your face is actually the one right over there? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> If that's what you're implying... my deepest condolences, space monkey. ~HJack69~


Darling, have you looked into the mirror lately? You look like skag licked your face with a corrosive tongue. No, no, I'm sorry, my Granny taught me not to poke at incompetents. But she's dead, and y'know what? I think I'll riddle you. What comes out of my mouth when I'm mad? Before you try 'poison' like any idiot in your position would, I'll give you the answer.

It's 'Get. Lost.', followed by a gunshot. Sorry cupcake, maybe next time! ~HJack69~


LoseMyHome shipped Rhysha since episode 1, during the pinky promise scene. Since then, she became one of the first members of the Rhysha thread on the telltale forums.

Early Life Edit

In 2012, LoseMyHome became a casual fan of Telltale Games like many did after the finale of The Walking Dead. After Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season 2, she created a tumblr blog, LoseMyHome, named after a line in that episode's credit song, "In The Pines".

After being disappointed by the end of the second season, and not entirely loving The Wolf Among Us, LoseMyHome nearly gave up hope on Telltale and abandoned her blog...

Current Life Edit

That is until Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands released. After Episode 2 of Tales from the Borderlands she started up a telltale forum account under the same name (as the phrase surprising applies to a lot of Telltale characters), deciding she shipped Rhysha too much that she had to venture outside of tumblr find other like-minded folks to talk about it with. Joining others that found discontent in the Rhyiona thread, she helped pioneer the Rhysha thread, where it has grown to this day. So much so that it has created a Wikia, apparently.

Contributions Edit

While the list here is short, there are actually many others that went unlisted, because LoseMyHome gets distracted easily and leaves behind many unfinished projects. Heck, even the listed ones are unfinished.

Fiction: Edit

The Badlands Diaries : Stranded in the middle of Pandora's desert wasteland, Hyperion company man Rhys and anti-Hyperion native Sasha must work past their differences if they want to survive bandit clans, skags, sandstorms, dehydration, and the growing list of dangers that await them in the Badlands - including a hero named Handsome Jack. (2 Chapters so far, needs revision after Episode 3)

Art: Edit

Rough Sketch


This one looks kinda like monkey. Big, mad, buff space monkey. I mean come on, look at that face! I bet the only thing that would make her laugh would be genocide of infant puppies. Even I wouldn't laugh to that. Probably.

3/10, I don't like you sweetie. ~HJack69~