"I'll be happy with anything Rhysha honestly, I'll take what I can get."- Mcboats, July 7th, 2015

Vital statistics
Position Clem's hat
Age 20
Status Very cool
Physical attributes
Height 5 inches
Weight 6 ounces

Summary Edit

Clem's hat ships Rhysha, yup. Its a thing.

Mcboats just recently joined the Rhysha ship, but she is very happy to be here. She is fond of the dorky puppy love look Rhys gets on his face when he looks at Sasha.

Where It All Started Edit

The "You looked nice" option at the beginning of Episode 3 of TFTBL was what sent Mcboats over the edge. The rest of the episode only cemented the fact that Rhysha is an amazing ship and deserves loyal and cool shippers, and ever since, Rhysha has taken over the small hat's life.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Mcboats loves the color green.
  • She is a fan of musical theater.
  • She and a friend have decided to call the flower in the notorious flower scene Ludus (The greek word for young love.)
  • Rhysha is love, Rhysha is life.

Ship Involvment Edit

Mcboats has made 2 Rhysha playlists on the website, and has drawn 2 pieces of Rhysha fan art, and you can check them out below.


A hat? A HAT? People, what the heck is wrong with you - every new so called shipper I see is worse than the rest! Where are the hot chicks, champagne and diamonds? If you're bringing items to your boat, atleast get some Hyperion weapons...

7/10 though, that's a nice hat. ~HJack69~