I ship rhysha, not rhyiona. Fuck rhyiona. I can't believe I've been so blind all this time. Rhysha is the true ship. Also, I ship Gabentine. They're just so cute together. Also Javier x Clem. Clavier.

Nicknames Edit

Poogers555's name is constantly changed into a better, cooler, or shorter name. Some include: Poogers, Poogs, Papa P, The Legend.


Is... is this for real? You've got 2 damn ships? Ar-are you making fun of me? I swear, once I get back on Helios I'll blow up this planet. Somehow. How much do you love that Rhys kiddo to just pair him with anything that moves?

4/10, this guy's creeping me out with his look. ~HJack69~