"Rakk Hive! It's a Rakk Hive!" - Fiona

Rakk Hive
Vital statistics
Position Fallen Hero
Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Big
Weight Also Big

Rakk Hive is a character who was introduced in the second episode of Tales from the Borderlands. She is considered as the biggest Rhysha fan and protector. She gave her life so the ship would continue on.

Involvement Edit

Episode 2 Edit

When the group of our heroes was trying to escape the moonshots coming from Helios, the caravan they were driving accidentally stumbled on resting Rakk Hive's head. Slightly annoyed Rakk Hive was going to this accident pass by, but then she saw her favourite Borderlands couple, Rhys and Sasha, and began to chase them to get their autograph. Rhys and co. unluckily thought that she wanted to kill them, so they were trying to escape her. Poor Rakk Hive had to sped up and when she finally caught up to them, she saw a moonshot landing dangerously close to the caravan. Rakk Hive jumped on the caravan with her last remaining strength to protect Rhysha. Rakk Hive died in the process, but the ship lives on...

Episode 3 Edit

Rakk hive

Rakk Hive in the intro of Episode 3.

Rakk Hive appeared briefly during the "Previously On" segment.


Just what the hell is this thing? It's a SHE? God almighty, I haven't killed this one yet. She's on my list now. Or her family, whatevs. 2/10, leave it to Psychos. ~HJack69~