Vital statistics
Position Founder
Age Enough
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height About 180 cm
Weight Physically Fit

He is in short: A very sexy person!

Personality Edit

He is very friendly unless provoked, if he is then he becomes a big meanie.

Depending on his mood he can be happy, cheerful and funny or mad and sad... He sometimes might cross over a bit to the weird side...

When he gives himself a chance he can be very creative and come up with some great ideas.

Interests Edit

He is a big a fan of great stories that he enjoys, which also happens to be almost every TT game.

He spends a good chunk of my time involving himself in TTgames whether is it playing the games, looking up information about the stories, the characters, details that he might have missed, discussing topics on the TT forum or just screwing around on the forum.

And of course the shipping...

He loves making cool photoshops or other fanfiction involving mostly Tales From the Borderlands.

Rhysha Involvement Edit

He was one of the first eight people who joined the Rhysha thread, so he got a chance to watch it and help it grow...

He drew a few drawings and made a few photoshops about Rhysha, made the meme 'Smooth Rhys', etc.

But his biggest Rhysha achievement was coming up with the idea of the Rhysha Wiki and making a whole fanmade encyclopedia about the ship...


Aww cupcake, I hope you don't attack me with that paddle of yours if I offend you? Not that it's gonna save you if you strike me... Also, is that a stick in your mouth?

5/10, I dig the hair. Not as good as mine, but, y'know. ~HJack69~