Reeses Pieces (Rhys)
Vital statistics
Position Former Hyperion Assistant Vice Janitor
Age Mid-late twenties
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Just enough
Weight Arm and Ice Cream

"Look, when I was ten years old, I started a club with my friends just so I had an excuse to print business cards. All I've ever wanted to do was to run a company, and Hyperion's the biggest company there is, so... Yeah."

Rhys is one of the two playable protagonist of Tales from the Borderlands.

Before the events of the game Rhys was a hard working Hyperion business man whose goal was (and still is) to become the leader of Hyperion. Rhys is best friends with Vaughn, whom he is travelling with, and Yvette, who is still at Hyperion. He is also Sasha's love interest, a.k.a. one half of glorious Rhysha ship.

Rhys can also be described as adorable dork or awkward Jack-wannabe.

Not only can Rhys be described as a mass murdering, psychopathic wannabe, but can be summed up in one word. A sex object. Now, I know that isn't y'know, ONE word, but I thought it was in my head. Anywho, you can name Rhys with any other character, and a new ship is sailing all the way down the freakin' Mississippi!. Rhys and Sasha? Yup. Rhys and Fiona? You bet! Rhys and Jack? Duh. Rhys and Vaughn? Checkrooski. Rhys and Yvette? Yuperanos!


Hot guy, eye-candy. Mmm, a solid 10/10. I could watch him flex for days... After all, he's imitating me, so no way he's getting below 10. Even though kiddo is a poor copy. ~HJack69~