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Welcome to the Rhysha wiki. A wiki where anyone who ships Rhysha is welcome!





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You can join us at the Official Rhysha Thread on the TellTale Games Community Forums!

What is Rhysha? Edit

Rhysha is a ship between Rhys and Sasha, characters from the Telltale Game: Tales from the Borderlands.

Rhys is one of the two playable characters in the game. He works for the Hyperion Corporation.

Sasha is the sister of the other playable character, Fiona, and a con-artist native to Pandora.

What is Tales from the Borderlands? Edit

Rhysha Chat Edit

We have a chatzy chat that a lot of the members chat on daily, whether about Rhysha, other games or just screwing around and having fun. You can join the chat here:

Unfortuneately, we had some problems with Rhyiona trolls, so we have a password... If you're a known Rhysha member and you dont know the password send a Private Message on the Telltale Forum to me or to Pipas... Or pretty much any member.

-EVENTS: We have events where we play some game together (examp. Team Fortress 2, Card Againts Humanity, Town of Salem) and we discuss it in the chat.

  • You can find dates to those events in our TT Forum Rhysha Thread.

-Rhysha Chatzy Ball Z: