Assquez (Wallethead)
Vital statistics
Position Former Senior Vice President of Securities Propaganda
Age 35
Status Shot in the chest with a shotgun
Physical attributes
Height Low enough to look upon Rhysha
Weight I dunno, but that hair implant is atleast 10 pounds

"You wanna know why I'm in that chair and you're not? For the exact same reason why North is North, why the handsome guy always gets the girl, and why every spaceship in the universe is shaped like a cock. It's destiny, Rhys... and men, real men, men like me... make their own."

Vasquez was... screw that, you can look it up in the info box. Anyway, he was an arrogant tool with hair implants. That should sum it up, more or less.

He appeared in all 3 episodes, however his showtime in Episode 3 was very brief. For, like, 5 minutes, before getting shot. To death. You will be missed. Maybe.

Also, for the record, he tried to shoot/humiliate/shoot Rhys and Vaughn multiple times. Also, he tried to bribe them, which isn't cool. Typical Assquez.

Oh, say what now? Wallethead is dead? For real? Hahahaha, HAHAHA. Listen here, Wally, if you can hear me, you screwed up, just as I was expecting you to. Seriously, you can't grow hair (or balls, for that matter) but you think you can go to Pandora? Look at me, I'm Wallethead and I have hair and I'm so big and cool and buff and strong, hahahahaha. Should've sticked to sending e-mails, cupcake.

1/10 at best, he's trying to hard.