Iron Abs (Vaughn)
Vital statistics
Position Former Hyperion Accountant
Age 27
Status Probably alive
Physical attributes
Height Small
Weight 6xIron abs

"I am not afraid anymore! You hear me Hyperion? I am Vaughn and I am not afraid!"

Vaughn is protagonist Rhys' best friend, who gets practically in every situation Rhys gets, only not in Rhysha. He used to work as an accountant in Hyperion and was helping Rhys rise up the stairs of career. However, after the series of horrible coincidences and events, Vaughn ended up on Pandora and jobless.

At least he still has his abs, which he uses to stun bandits, make rainbows and revive puppies. Seriously, he is swole. That's what you get when you put an exercise bicycle in your office, people.

Vaughn is a reminder that not all of us get to be Gods.


Vaughn proving that he can show anyone true love, starting with Rhys, soon to move on to the rest of the crew.


Ah, Mr. Abs-tool. I wish I could say anything, but I'm too distracted by those shining abs... When I'll come back to my normal form, I'm going to touchy-touchy those babies. 7/10

Also, NERD! ~HJack69~